Custom Fabric Printing


Our in house large format custom fabric printing options are basically divided into two sections, namely: Direct to fabric dye sublimation and Dye sublimation via transfer paper. Both of these printing methods require the printed fabric or transfer paper to be cured through our calendared heat press. During this process the ink or actual artwork, is fixated into the actual yarn. This is also the process which make the colours pop and come to life!

We are able to print on a large variety of fabrics, whether it be décor, commercial, roll to roll, or if finishing is required, our in house sewing team will make sure you are in safe hands.

A new addition to our print production family is our HP Stitch 1.6m textile printer.

This amazing printer affords us the opportunity to print on vast range of cotton blend fabrics.

Textured fabrics, baby grow, stretch, non stretch, hessian, silk, satin and simulated velvet to name just a few.

Popular fabrics we are able to dye sublimate onto are:

Airtex [custom fence wrap], Poly Oxford [water resistant tabelcoths], Pongee, Mini Matt, Rugby Jersey, Spendex, Prolite, Scuba, Polar fleece, Hoodie and Woven [scatters].

The print quality is what sets this printer apart from current fabric printing options available in South Africa.

The colours are amazingly vibrant and fully washable. Printing is available as roll to roll where you would do your own finishing or as completed products such as custom scatter cushions where we would manufacture the complete product.

Custom scatter cushions are available as slip covers only or with matching inners. Please contact us for more info regarding our custom fabric printing.


For more info or to request a quote please email


We have recently started a ‘bring your own fabric’ campaign whereby you bring your fabric to us, we test to see if we are able to use it on any of our fabric print platforms, and if it works, we are able to print roll to roll for you. A win win all the way! There are however a few guidelines we must follow, namely:

Fabric size: no more than 1600mm wide

Fabric composition: 60% polyester minimum, 70% recommended, whatever it’s blended with doesn’t matter.

Fabric length: We will need 3M of media no less, printed visual will be 1.5m X 2m (1M for loading)

Fabric colour: The Fabric must be white, or at the very worst a cream white. The white is important because a shifting white point affects all your colours. If you are not interested in the white we can still try transferring onto light colour fabrics like yellow, grey, pinks etc…

Turnaround time on sample: 3 working Days

Artwork: Please supply artwork in a 1.5m X 2m format or choose from our décor range of prints.


If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and would like a unique quality custom printed hoodie, our custom printed hoodie fabric is the answer. We are able to print roll to roll in high definition full colour digital, any design, as many colours as you like. Unfortunately our in house sewing team are not able to manufacture finished hoodies, we only offer a roll to roll printed service at this point in time.

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