Large format digital printing


Our state of the art, self-owned, 1 000 square meter facility based in Midrand is home to our dream team, 25 staff members who are always willing to go the extra mile. Since 2004, our approach to print production has and will always be based on quality. From accuracy of Corporate Identities and Pantone colour matching, to photographic skin tone representation, the end result being the highest quality & resolution Wide Format Digital Printing has to offer. All our print platforms utilize the latest eco friendly, non toxic technology available.

PRINT PRODUCTION – Dye Sublimation Direct To Fabric

Our Avanti roll to roll Direct to Textile 3.2m wide Digital Printer takes care of all our gazebo rooftop prints, gazebo wall prints, banner wall prints, large volume flag orders, basically large custom printed fabric which needs to be 3m wide. Once these rolls of fabric have been printed they get fed through our 3.2m wide heat press to cure.  

PRINT PRODUCTION – Dye Sublimation Transfer & Direct

Our HP Stitch printer is a hybrid, meaning, it can print direct onto certain polyester based fabrics as well as onto paper. If printed onto paper, those paper prints get fed thru our heat press to cure. Our HP Stitch takes care of all our smaller orders such as flags, table cloths, scatters, décor, ottomans and so on. The print quality is world class.

Sublimation – Monti Antonio 3.2m Heat Press

Our Monti Antonio 3.2m wide calendar heat press is where all the magic happens. Once the fabric has been printed on either paper or direct onto fabric, those rolls get fed through the heat press where the ink fixates into the fabric at 220 degress Celsius, and the colours start to pop! Once this stage is completed the fabrics are fully colour fast, washable and ready to use!


UV Print technology has revolutionized the outdoor Parasol and Umbrella market, however, not all UV inks are the same unfortunately, to be more specific, not all of them are safe. Many of them give off an odor and fabric or canvas products printed with these inks are not allowed near children, hospitals and so on, basically, they are not environmentally friendly. Our UV print process and ink is GREENGUARD Gold” Certified. The result is an advanced UV-curable ink which does not give off any form of odour and demonstrates consciousness about the environment and the health of users.


Our HP Latex printer is also eco friendly, non toxic, and uses GreenGuard Gold certified inks. Latex inks do not contain chemicals in quantities that are harmful to you or the world, making them far safer to use than solvent inks. The print quality and ease of use we get out of our Latex printer is world class.


If lamination is required, we are able to laminate up to 1.6m wide, usually used for posters, backlits, window and exhibition graphics. All finishing such as stitching, cutting & joining are done in-house in our finishing department resulting in extremely quick turn around times and stringent quality controls.


Our finishing department is home to our dream team of 14 finishing staff. All finishing such as stitching, cutting & joining are done in-house in our expansive finishing department resulting in extremely quick turnaround times and stringent quality controls. We pride ourselves in being able to do allot of custom fabric products, custom fabric finishing and stitching when required. All quality control takes place in this department as well.


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