Sharkfin and Telescopic Banners, what is the difference between them

Sharkfin and Telescopic Banners, what is the difference between them

Dpi Concepts manufacture a wide range of portable flags namely:

Sharkfin banner, also referred to as a Sharkfin Flag or Teardrop Banner. Other shapes include our Telescopic and Arc banner. All our portable flags come in 2m (h), 3m (h) and 4m (h). Our Telescopic flag comes in a 6m (h) version as well. The Sharkfin banner is the teardrop shape, the Telescopic is rectangular, the arc is a combination of both. They all cost the same, it’s entirely up to you which shape you prefer.

99% of the time we print single sided onto Ultra Sheen fabric, which has a strike through of 95%, meaning you can see the reverse artwork on the back side. We can print double sided as well, just a small warning, it does make the flag heavier as its two fabrics joined, so sometimes the flag does not wave in the air as nicely as the single sided version.

Lastly, unique to us is our patented 3D Prism Banner. It is only 2.5m (h) but is three sided and rotates in the wind, proving very popular with customers who want something totally different.

All our hardware is constructed from ultra lightweight Carbon Fibre. Our finishing when viewed close up is un matched. Even our carry bags have separate compartments with zips and a shoulder strap. Carbon Fibre is ultra lightweight, cant rust, bends in the wind, superior to steel or aluminium and is now the go to hardware when looking at portable event banners and flags.

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